All of our podcast episodes contain original music. Our in-house composer is Scott Brazieal. Scott’s new album “Songs From The Empire” is available at

Here’s a list of musicians that have accompanied our episodes;

Trump: Hatfield And The North
Rattle Snakes: Aksak Maboul
Swedish Pufder Blankets: Esquivel
Desert Rats: Black Cat Orchestra
Money: Aksak Maboul
High Speed: Aksak Maboul
The Review Show: Area
Our Shadow Is Orange: Scott Brazieal
Palacio de los Deporte: Samla Mammas Manna
Bowling For Insomnia: Bill Raymond
Square Dancing Titanic: Fred Frith/Etron Fou Leloublan
Turbo Casino: Gentle Giant
Fracking Rat Brains: Matching Mole
God Love Baseball: King Crimson
The New Jew: Camel
Non Brewed Condiment: Allen Holdsworth
Pamela and Evelyn: Byrne/Eno
What Do You Live For: PFM
Fly Sating Steaming Mounds of Absurdity: Bill Bruford
Lancelot Link Secret Chimp: This Heat
Lancelot Link Part 2: Samla Mammas Manna
Regrets: Tone Dogs
Tribal Interruptus: Zamla Mammaz Manna
The Poo Poo Review: Laurie Anderson
The Disco: Eno